Jan 15, 2017

Snow for Days

It's no surprise to anyone in New England when the snow starts to fall with regularity during the winter, but for my California born and raised heart, it always provides some excitement when we get our first snowfall of the year.  However, it's only mid January and we've already had our fair share of snow days this winter.  I've already begun to dream of Spring days so it could be a really long few months.

There are so many things I love about the snow.  Watching it fall from the comfort and warmth of my home with a cup of coffee in hand, the quietness and peacefulness that seems to come with falling snow, the blanket of white that covers everything, and it's quite possible that there is nothing more adorable than my girls in pom bonnets, scarves, and fur hoods.

However, there is SO MUCH WORK involved with snow.  Shoveling driveways and walk ways, scraping ice off of windshields, and spending an INSANE amount of time both rounding up all of the layers of clothing my girls need to go outside (it's seriously like a game of Where's Waldo?) and then actually putting it all on them and having them keep their hats, gloves, and scarves on before we actually walk out the door.  It's like a workout!  And then it never fails that we are only out in the snow for all of 15 minutes before someone is cold, hungry, or needs to pee.  Every time.  No joke.

But, I know I will miss it when we don't live in a place where it snows regularly and I know that my kids are really going to miss it.  Ryan doesn't know anything other than snow in the winter time which is so strange to me but it's true!  She looks forward to sledding and building "Olafs" in the backyard and she could probably spend way more time out in the snow than any of us.

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We have been getting a little break in the snow this past week which I am so thankful for and a couple days of low 50's caused much of the existing snow to melt.  And on top of that, we are heading to California for a much needed vacation during the first week of February and are so looking forward to the WARM 50 and 60 degree weather they've been getting.  I hope everyone has had a great weekend!  Josh starts nights again this week which is never my favorite so we are counting down the days until they are done!

Jan 9, 2017

Happy New Year 2017

I hope everyone had a relatively exciting yet safe New Year!  I feel like we are still coming out of the post Christmas fog and we haven't really done much in the last couple of weeks.  We've been getting tons of snow here in New England and with that comes the feeling that we should just sit around in our pajamas all day, drink coffee, and watch the snow fall (me, not the kids!) Despite the Massachusetts winter setting in, Josh and I were able to head out to a friends home on New Year's Eve to celebrate sans kids and that in and of itself was exciting.  We didn't stay out much past midnight but we had a great time.  It's nice to interact with only adults every once in awhile!

I wrote out some of my resolutions this year because I find that putting something on paper, even it is as simple as my weekly to-do lists gives at least a 95% better chance of it actually getting accomplished.  Some of my 2017 New Year's "Goals" are:

-Spending Less, Saving More
-A more regularly exercise routine
-Grow my Etsy shop
-Get more involved at our church
-Post to my blog regularly!
-Actively pursue my design/home decor passion
-More meal planning/try new recipes
How did you spend your New Years?  Did you make any resolutions/goals?  Do you write them down?  Here's to 2017! May it be one of the very best years yet!

Dec 29, 2016

Christmas 2016

Another Christmas has come and gone already! I hope you all had a very merry holiday with all of your loved ones.  Our Christmas Eve and Christmas day festivities have changed a bit since starting residency in Massachusetts as we no longer have family near to us at all.  On top of that, this year, Josh had to work the entire holiday weekend which left the girls and I to make the most of the holiday on our own.  I was fairly bummed when I found out Josh's schedule early in the month, but I was also determined not to let it get me down.  We are a medical family and the reality is that this type of situation will happen again in the future so I'd better learn to live with it!

The girls and I woke up on Christmas Eve to a light snowfall.  It turned to rain fairly quickly but since this was my first "white" Christmas Eve experience, I decided to take the girls out to the yard in our pj's to play in it for all of the twenty minutes that snow actually fell.  We had done a ton of baking the day before and delivered mason jars full of cookies to our neighbors, watched Home Alone, baked and decorated our annual birthday cake for Jesus, sprinkled reindeer food (a mixture of oatmeal and glitter) in the front yard, and waited for Dad to get home in the late evening so that we could open Christmas pjs and put cookies and milk out for Santa.

On Christmas day, the girls woke up at their usual time, 6am, and we headed down to see if Santa Claus had made an appearance at the Scurlock house.  Ryan was SO excited that Santa had eaten the cookies she put out and also couldn't believe all the presents that he left for her and that he took her "list".  I was disappointed that Josh couldn't watch all of her excitement but I made sure to take lots of video.  After a couple of hours spent opening gifts, going through stockings and putting together toys, the girls and I got ready for church.  I was especially thankful to have Christmas fall on a Sunday this year so that the girls and I had reason to get ready for the day and get out the door to celebrate Jesus Christ's birth.  After church, we headed over to UMass to visit Josh during his shift.  While it is hard to have him working on holidays, I'm glad that we've made visiting him an important part of our day.  Being together is what's most important to me, even if it's only for a few minutes.  Plus, we even had a good friend here who sliced his hand opening one of his children's gifts and Josh ended up stitching him up in the ER.  I guess it pays to have friends working at the hospital on Christmas day!

Traditionally, I make a big Christmas breakfast of cinnamon rolls, eggs, bacon and more but since Josh was not going to be around for breakfast on Christmas morning, I opted to break from tradition and have the same meal but for dinner instead.  Josh was able to make it home for breakfast for dinner immediately followed by singing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus and blowing out a candle, twice.

We had such a good Christmas holiday weekend and I couldn't feel more thankful for all of the things that I've been blessed with, especially this little family of mine.  I hope your Christmas was just as memorable and that you were able to spend it with all the ones you love the most.

Dec 22, 2016

Hot Cocoa/Cookie/Christmas PJ Playdate

I have nothing to say about the fact that I haven't posted in months.  So I'm just not going to say anything about it.  Ha!

Here we are, closing in on Christmas 2016 and as usual, I really can't believe that it's already the week of Christmas.  These months just fly by around here.  I can't seem to keep up.  We've been busy with life and Lord knows what else, but I did manage to throw my 3rd annual Christmas party for all of the girl's little friends last week.  It was the biggest turnout for the party with 22 Moms and babes, plus one in utero. ;) It's hard to believe how outnumbered us Moms have become compared to these kids.

We had such a great morning.  More sugar was consumed than I should probably admit and I'm pretty sure every single toy that the girls own was pulled out of the playroom.  I didn't even deal with the mess that was the playroom until the next day which was a bit of a mistake considering I found about 8 half eaten cookies and hot cocoa splashed on the wall in it.  But everyone had a fun time and my house felt so festive and cozy.  This is such an easy party idea to throw together.  I literally just have a hot cocoa bar with all the necessary fixings and provide homemade sugar cookies.  Everyone is invited to wear festive pjs and bring a treat to share.  I look forward to it all year long and I think all of our friends do too!

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Ryan had an especially great time with all of her little friends.  She really is at such a great age for experiencing all the joys of the Christmas season.  I couldn't feel more thankful to have so many great Mom friends in the area to celebrate the holiday season with!